The Commonwealth Education Organization (CEO) is a state approved Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) scholarship organization that can accept business contributions and distribute the funds as scholarships to students who attend non-public schools.

      The EITC Program at CEO is not up and running yet.

      If you are a business interested in participating in the EITC Program through CEO or a parent or student interested in applying for scholarship money, please contact us by phone (412.967.9691) or by email ( [email protected] ).   We would like to discuss the EITC Program with you.


 Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program offers businesses an opportunity to invest in public education and in the education of students who attend non-public schools.

     The state of Pennsylvania awards tax credits to businesses that make contributions to scholarship organizations or educational improvement organizations determined by the state to meet the requirements of Act 4 of 2001, an amendment to the Public School Code.   Businesses may receive a tax credit equal to 75% of its contribution.   The tax credit increases to 90% if the contribution is provided for two consecutive years.  The maximum contribution is $100,000.

     Approved scholarship organizations, such as CEO, receive funds contributed by businesses and use them to award tuition scholarships to students who attend any Pennsylvania school that meets certain criteria.  

     Family financial requirements:   maximum income of $50,000, plus an additional $10,000 for each dependent.

     Students must be Pennsylvania residents in kindergarten through high school graduation or 21 years of age.

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