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Transformational Education:
The National Standards and No Child Left Behind

On November 6, 2003, Minnesota State Senator Bachmann spoke in Pittsburgh
about No Child Left Behind, America’s massive federal education law.
Her presentation is now available in 4 formats—DVD, VHS, CD, Audio Tape

Transformational Education: The National Standards and No Child Left Behind – with MN Senator Michele Bachmann

  DVD – $15…..VHS Tape – $13…..CD – $8….audio tape – $7

Shifting Roles: Education and Psychology by Dr. Ann Landell      Dr. Landell explores the psychologizing of American education and explains the alarming results.  Published by CEO. 49 pp.$  7  

Behind Classroom Doors – a video with Dr. Ann Landell and PA Representative Sam Rohrer discussing unhealthy practices being used  in American classrooms.  Produced by CEO.  40 minutes. $ 12  

New Tools for Improving School District Accountability:  A Workshop for School Directors and Concerned Citizens – by Joseph N. Morrison, Jr.   As a former school board director, Mr. Morrison’s extensive program introduces and explains aspects of school district accountability.  Covered topics include students,  finance, personnel, transportation,and resolutions.  Organized in a tabbed binder. $ 25  

America 2000 / Goals 2000 – Moving the Nation Educationally to a “New World Order” – A Research Manual – Compiled and Edited by James R. Patrick 

This 1994 book analyzes education trends as related to global social and political changes. $ 10  

The Conspiracy of Ignorance:  The Failure of American Public Schoolsby Martin L.Gross  

This book takes a hard-hitting look at destructive practices found in America’s schools.  Closeout special:  $12$ 12